Roller Doors

Our Clean-Line garage roller doors combine a unique profile with first class materials making them some of the strongest, quietest and most reliable doors available.


Easy to use and long lasting, Steel- Line’s Clean-Line garage roller doors can be made to suit almost any size garage opening. Combine this with a range of Colorbond® colours and smooth operation, Steel-Line Clean-Line garage roller doors become true design features of your home


Manufactured with heavy duty bottom rails containing durable PVC weather seals, Steel-Line’s Clean-Line garage roller doors provide your precious garage contents with excellent protection from the harsh elements including wind, rain and dust. All Steel-Line Clean-Line garage roller doors can be automated with a genuine Boss automatic operator. As a market leader in safety and innovation, all Boss operators include a range of convenience and safety features. The standard ‘Auto Reverse System’ causes the garage door to immediately stop and reverse when it comes into contact with an object, while the optional ‘Photo Eye’ feature automatically reverses the closing garage door if its electronic beam senses an obstruction.